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Fakta Unic about Albert Einstein


* Albert Einstein Never Not Pass the College Entrance
This is the first fact of human genius. Einstein was a smart've not pass the test when he will enter Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (Swiss State Technical College) in 1895 when Einstein was 17 years old. Einstein passed the test subjects of Mathematics and Science, but failed in other subjects (history, language, geography, and other non-exact lesson.) Then Eisntein year later after school graduating first in public schools. [Source]


This time we are going to make a Tutorial Round Rainbow Spectrum that may be useful to serve as background images or text
This tutorial is still fairly modest level because as my introduction to readers of Science and graphics

Ok. Let us start.

The steps are:

1. open a new worksheet FILE> NEW or CTRL + N specify size according to your tastes.

2. Click the Gradient tool, select the type as No. 3 red arrows in the picture, then select the type of Spectrum, and Drag in the worksheet / canvas from left to right.
photoshop rainbow

photoshop pelangi 
3. Click Filter> Distort> Twirl
photoshop pelangi 
photoshop rainbow
adjust as angelnya be up but here I put 648 then click Ok ..
Done deh tuh, easy right

Additional gan news that more lives can tambahakan accessories, can be text or images aim to further liven up the mood hehe revive the concept and design objectives ie, to the use of banned texts afraid to disobey the Typologi theory, free expresimu gan!!! kwkwkw

Like for example the text your girlfriend an ambiguous name, sweetheart who was away in Saudi Arabia non kwkwk n_n

Ane himself here to add text with the name of your favorite accessories ane, ilmugrafis.com
The result:
photoshop rainbow

or dikreasikan with photos
photoshop rainbow
Woman in rainbow

Making ID Card

In graphic design tutorial this time I will try to share how to make ID Card. ID Card is typically used by company employees and an event committee that functions as identification.Steps - steps:
1. Open your Coreldraw application, click File> New (Ctrl + N)

Make a Monster Under the Sea

Under the sea monster?! Do not trigger fear first because not every monster was horrible. Monster this one is actually interesting to me. Abstract shapes like animals that live in the depths of the ocean that can not be penetrated by light. Afonik layer if not wrong. How to make ...

Make a Calendar in CorelDraw

In 2011 immediately switched to the Year 2012, so the time passed quickly and did not feel we would welcome the new year 2012. Usually at the end of the year there for - for souvenirs in the form CALENDAR to people - people who are lucky or as a gift from buying a product. But for those of you who can not Calendar not be discouraged because you can design your own calendar at this time Coreldraw Tutorial, by following the steps - the steps in this tutorial course ilmugrafis

Making shirt or shirt

In practice makes dress or shirt (part 1) we have been practicing making the (visible) front of a shirt. So as I promised in a previous tutorial this time I will give tutorial how to design the back of his shirt. Oh yes, to follow this tutorial you must have completed the previous tutorial (Part 1)
1. Duplicate the front, the same way that has been described previously, or can also be read here - duplicate techniquehow to design clothes

Creating Icon Downloads

ilmugrafis image

Hello Welcome back to meet my Mr. Miko in my Recent tutorial that makes the download icon. For the purposes of making a website or blog usually requires some image such as header, banner or icon-icon menu that looks looks nice and neat, in this tutorial I will discuss how to create a download icon with Photoshop.

Font PLAY - Playing With Fonts

Keep in mind that CorelDRAW is a program that superior in producing vector graphics and all fonts are vector graphic so we can easily compose font shapes in Corel, also reminded by my (Hee..) If we use the Font (to be changed) use the simple, not too complicated as el & font gohtic! Because of aggravate the performance of Corel's own.

Setting Email Hp Mobile

There are so many free email service providers, this time I will share knowledge on how to set its email hp. Postings can only provide 3 services only, yahoo, gmail, hotmail. Most importantly to the following email settings

Deja Vu The Mysterious

Have you ever visited a home for the first time and suddenly you feel familiar with the house? Or have you ever been in an event when suddenly you feel that you've experienced it you can not even remember when it happened? That deja vu, one mysterious phenomenon in human life.
"Om, I felt that I had done the same thing, the same movement and others"
One day, the phrase above into the comment box on this blog. Although that sentence sounds scary and mysterious, but in this case it looks like I have the answer. This is called deja vu.

Animals Most Serious World

1. African Elephant (African Elephant)
Average Mass (lb): 18.500 (8500 kg)
Maximum Mass (lb): 27.000 (13 000 kg)
Average Length (ft): 21.85

12 Songs That Mislead Children - children

Kids Songs - The Misled ChildrenApparently children's song that contains a lot of popular errors, teaches ambiguity, and reduce motivation. Here's the proof:
1. "Balloon ... there are 5 assorted colors ... red, yellow, gray .. pink and blue ... green balloon broke, dorrrr! "Notice the colors of the five balloons TSB., why tiba2 appear green? So the number of balloons there are actually 6, not 5!
2. "I'm a captain ... had a long sword ... if running clap .. clap .. prok ... I'm a Captain! "Notice in the first verse of his stories about his sword, but in the second stanza tells about her shoes (inconsistency). He should remain consistent, for example if you want a story about his shoes should he sings: "has a steel shoe (not a long sword) ... if running clap .. clap .. prok .. "nah, that's a fit! if you want a story about the sword, he should sing: "have a long sword ... if running ndul .. gondal. . Gandul .. or srek .. srek .. srek .. "was just in keeping with the conditions of long sword!

3. "Wake me continue to shower .. do not forget to brush your teeth .. finished my shower please mom .. clean out of my bed .. "Watch out shower directly after cleaning the bed. This song made the children can not properly programmed to accomplish tasks and are always in a hurry. After bathing the child should wear clothes first and not directly clean the bed in the wet and naked!4. "Up-up to the top of the mountain .. high .. very high .. I see both sides of it .. many pine trees .. 2X "This song can make the child lose concentration, enthusiasm and motivation! At the beginning of the song impressed spirit will climb a high mountain but then it turns out after looking at the streets which climb sharply and then become confused and do not know like doing, usually only turned to the left to the right aja, not maju2!
5. "The train ride .. tut .. tut tut. . who want to contribute to Bandung .. Surabaya .. so-so ride to ride useless .. Let my friend quickly rose .. chariots did not stop the old "Well, which way is that bad! teach children free if an adult wants all the time. Pantesan PJKA loss continues! especially the line-Bandung and Jakarta Jakarta-Surabaya!
6. "At the top of the tree Chrysolite .. finch bird sounds .. bersiul2 all day dg not jemu2 .. mengangguk2 singing tri li li .. li .. li .. li .. li .. "It is also misleading and does not teach the reality anak2 truthfulness. The robin was singing sound if cuit .. cuit .. cuit ..! if li li li li tri it sound if a singing people, not birds!
7. "Pok ame ame .. kupu2 grasshoppers .. lunch to eat rice, if a night of drinking milk .. "It is clear and to the consumption of adult song anak2! as mentioned above that it is an adult activity, not a child. If a small child, because belom may MAEM rice, so not a morning not malem ya drink milk!
8. "Oh lullabies lullabies otherwise mosquitoes bobo"Anak2 Indonesia into bed with songs that "threaten"
9. "Little star in the sky that blue ..."Stars khan the Malem, was if the sky instead malem item?
10. "Our mother Kartini ... fragrant name."His name Kartini or fragrance?
11. "On Sunday I helped my father to the city. I sat up a special gig in advance. "Well, not polite khan ..
12. "Hoe-hoe, hoe deep orchard we grow corn ..."if you want planted corn, why nyangkul deep

Most areas Asin In The World

10 Unique Plants World

Plant is a diverse and unique creatures. There are sereem, unique, fierce again! These plants may seem strange and unique in the world:1. Plant the World's Most PowerfulWelwitschia Mirabilis

25 Advantages No Smoking

If during this health threat and losses due to smoking does not work to make someone quit smoking, what if expose all the benefits that can be obtained if it is not permitted? Here are 25 benefits if you do not smoke cigarettes.
As quoted from the Health, researchers from the Peninsula Medical School, England mentions many benefits that would be obtained if non-smokers, including 25 following advantages.
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