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PKN : Background Pancasila

As the foundation of the state, Pancasila re-tested resilience in an era of reform. The breaking sun in June 1945, 63 years ago, welcomed the birth of a conception kenengaraan very historic for the people of Indonesia, which is the birth of Pancasila.
As the state philosophy, Pancasila was

certainly define it. Pancasila is indeed the greatest gift from God and it is a light-star for the whole Indonesian nation in the later period, both as a guide in the fight for independence, as well as an integral tool in life harmony as a nation, as well as a way of life for everyday human life Indonesia day, and that obviously had been revealed as the foundation and philosophy of the Republic of Indonesia.
Pancasila has been present in all forms of life of the people of Indonesia, except for those who do not Pancasila. Pancasila was born June 1, 1945, adopted on August 18, 1945, together with the 1945 Constitution. The sound and speech Pancasila right by Presidential Instruction No. 12 of 1968 is one, Belief in God Almighty. Two, just and civilized humanity. Three, the unity of Indonesia. Four, democracy guided by the inner wisdom of deliberation / representation. And fifth, social justice for all Indonesian people.
Indonesia's history has been noted that among the figures that Pancasila is the formulator, Mr. Mohammad Yamin, Prof. Mr. Soepomo, and Ir Soekarno. It may be argued why the Pancasila was powerful and can withstand shocks always chaotic politics in this country, the first is because it is intrinsically contained in Pancasila tolerance, and who challenged Pancasila means he opposes tolerance.
Second, Pancasila is an organization that is flexible enough, which can include schools-positive ideology espoused by Indonesia, and other schools have positive enough flexibility to develop themselves. Thirdly, because the precepts of the Pancasila was made up of the values ​​and norms of a positive outlook on life in accordance with Indonesia, and the values ​​and norms to the contrary, would be rejected by the Pancasila, such as atheism and any infidelity will irreligious rejected by the Indonesian nation and air-religious atheist.
Dictatorship was also rejected, because the Indonesian people trying to inhuman and virtuous. Kelonialisme was also rejected by the Indonesian people who love freedom. For the fourth is, because the Indonesian people are very genuine love for Pancasila Pancasila sure that it is correct and does not conflict with his religious beliefs as well.
Thus the philosophy of Pancasila as the Indonesian state philosophy that should be known by all Indonesian citizens to respect, cherish, maintain and run anything that has been done by the proclamation of the heroes especially heroes who have fought for the independence of Indonesia. So that both young and old groups still believe Indonesia Pancasila as the state beyond a reasonable doubt in order to strengthen the unity of the nation and state of Indonesia.

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